Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kindergarten on the Cusp of Spring, or Trike-Schooling


  1. Hi, I'm a black, 58, married father of two grown children (two grandchildren-hooray!). We homeschooled our son (now 31), from 6th grade through high school (1989 to 1996).

    I was the primary educator. It helped that I had a background in adult education and training. My wife was the primary breadwinner and I scaled back my consulting work back to part-time so I could concentrate on educating our son.

    He has a learning disability. We went through all the school wars-public schools/private school (too much to write about here). My son came home from 5th grade one day and said to us, "I feel like they're trying to defeat me." It changed my world. I told my wife I didn't think I could live with myself if we didn't do something. We were in Illinois at the time and decided to move to Georgia (Atlanta) where the homeschooling rules were much more lax.

    Moral of the story-you and your husband are doing the right thing.

    We've watched homeschooling grow from a "fringe" experience to what it is now. I like your picture of the kids on the trikes.

    What did I/we learn about schooling kids? Concentrate on educating them. Have a plan. Have a curriculum. Keep it varied. Understand that children/people learn in multiple ways. Vary your instructional strategies and vary the ways kids can "output" what they have learned. Make it fun. Reward success. Let them know some stuff is hard, maybe even boring. Do educative stuff AND training. Both are essential.

    Keep this in mind: there are no bad learners, just bad instructors. When children can't "learn" something, it usually means we haven't figured out the best way to impart that information or skill for that child.

    When our son was 6, a psychologist at the University of Chicago Hospital said our son would never be able to read. By the 9th grade our son was reading at the 12 grade level. He graduated from college and is now a Geologist.

    Always believe in yourself and your children and they will be fine.

    Good luck.

    John Doxey

  2. What great encouragement! Love the picture. Love the comment.