Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

My kids are now well into the second half of first grade, and the study of ancient history we began in the spring of their pre-k year and finished during their kindergarten fall is, well, pretty old stuff to them now.

It's been long enough ago now that I can't pretend to finish writing up my curriculum with anything like the thoroughness I brought to the first installments (especially since the computer on which I kept many of my notes has since crashed and died). But I'm going to try at least to post lists of the books we found most useful in our studies of Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient India, and Ancient China.

More than a year later, my twins don't remember many of the details of what we learned. But they have held onto two crucial things: a basic feel for each of these civilizations, and a sense that learning about them is interesting and fun. Next fall, when they begin second grade, I plan to begin our study of world history again; I'm looking forward to seeing how their new knowledge builds on the foundation we laid with this undertaking.

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